DJI Drone Repair: What You Need to Know

By Hal Simmons •  Updated: 11/19/20 •  8 min read

In our last post, we talked about drone repair services, but what if you have a DJI drone in particular? DJI is one of the best-selling and most beloved drone brands, so it should come as no surprise that they have their own DJI Repair Service Center.  If you are considering buying one of these drones you may want to consider the DJI Care Refresh program to insure your drone.  What is the Repair Service Center and what kinds of repair work can you get done there?

The DJI Repair Service Center is a DJI-backed repair service based in Hong Kong that DJI drone owners can use to get their UAV repaired. Such parts of the drone that can be repaired or replaced include batteries, gimbals, and controllers.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss more about the DJI Repair Service Center, including what’s offered and how you can get started using it. We’ll also delve into the repairs offered, costs, and turnaround times. If you have a broken DJI drone, this will prove to be a very useful article!

What Is the DJI Repair Service Center?

If you do indeed recall from our last article, many companies out there fix DJI drones, such as DDS DJI Drone Service, Drone Nerds and DroneFly. The issue, so to speak, with utilizing repair services like these is that they’re all third-party sites.

The DJI Repair Service Center is different. The DJI brand itself runs the Repair Service Center. Only trained DJI technicians will touch your drone and repair it. Given that it’s the manufacturer taking care of repairs, you can rest assured that you’re only getting quality DJI parts.
Considering that DJI drones are arguably the most expensive on the market, if your UAV malfunctions or breaks, you want premium service. While third parties can be component, there’s nothing like going straight to the source, which in this case is DJI.

How to Use the DJI Repair Service Center for Drone Repair

Oh, darn. Your Phantom 4 Pro took a tumble through some trees. Perhaps you lost control of your Mavic Air 2 and it crash-landed to the ground. You’re extremely upset considering the cost of the drone. You want to contact the DJI Repair Service Center, but how do you get started?

It’s easy! Let’s cover the steps now.

Open Your Online Repair Request

Following this link as we gave you in the last section, click the part of the page that says Online Repair Request. You’ll then be redirected to a page where you can submit your repair request. When you click that button, you’ll be prompted to log into your DJI account. You can also log in through Facebook or Gmail without having to make a DJI account.

Booking for Swift Service

Another option you have is to book for swift service. DJI says this request will go to their Hong Kong flagship store’s technical support team. You might be able to expedite the DJI drone repair process this way.

If you do use the swift service, you have to first log in to your account. Next, select the type of DJI drone you have, including the Tello, Spark, Phantom, Osmo, Inspire, or Mavic. Then you choose the Hong Kong flagship store and a date when you’re free to schedule an appointment. The soonest available timeslots offered are usually 24 hours out.

After selecting your available date, pick a time for the appointment, which will last 30 minutes. You’re then asked to fill in a few personal details such as your first and last name, phone number, and what your issue is with your drone. You will be texted a verification code that you must input as well.

Then your request is submitted to the DJI Repair Service Center.

Confirm Repair Submission in My Case

The next part of the process is checking My Case, which will confirm that DJI has indeed received your drone repair request. On this page, you’ll see your case type, product model, time saved, and operation. If DJI has yet to start fixing your drone, this information will be categorized as “to be handled.”

Once the repair work starts, your case moves to “processing.” Then, when your DJI drone is fixed and sent back to you, the case goes to “history.” You can also update your home or business address in My Case.

Check Your Repair Progress Inquiry

In the Repair Progress Inquiry area, you have the option to review your case by typing in the case number and your verification code that’s texted to your phone. This is a more in-depth look into the progress of your DJI drone’s repairs.

How Much Does DJI Drone Repair Cost?

The DJI Repair Service Center also features a parts inquiry page that displays the pricing for all its parts. The cost of your repair varies depending on which DJI drone model you have and what kind of work it needs done.

Here’s an overview of repair parts pricing for the Spark, Phantom, Mavic, and Inspire.


• Remote control or gimbal – $65
• Battery – free
• Remote controller mainboard – $64
• Camera module – $67
• Plastic gimbal vibration absorbing board – $1
• Metal gimbal vibration absorbing board – $1
• Camera and gimbal rear cover – $2
• Gimbal roll and pitch axis module – $19
• Gimbal coaxial cable cover buckle – $1
• Camera and gimbal module – $112
• Gimbal coaxial cable – $12
• Middle frame – $12
• LED cover mounts on the rear left and front right – $1
• Quick-release folding propellers, each 4.7 inches – $6
• Quick-release folding propeller mounting plate, 4.7 inches – $1
• GPS – $14
• Upper aircraft cover – $4
• Motor – $9
• LED cover – $1
• Middle frame semi-finished product module – $83
• Vision camera module – $10
• Vision system – $31
• ESC board – $6
• IMU – $9
• Aircraft main board – $162
• 3D sensor system – $36

Phantom 4 Professional

• Remote control or gimbal – $65
• Battery – free
• Main controller – $65
• Rearward and forward vision cover – $5
• 3-in-1 board – $261
• Battery gasket module – $21
• Upper cover logo V03 – $6
• Left/right landing gear module – $10
• Middle frame – $21
• 2312S motor – $25
• Camera main board – $154
• Fan module – $12
• Camera main board flexible flat cable – $5
• Gimbal IMU module – $32
• Camera back cover – $5
• Pitch-axis back cover – $4
• Pitch-axis cover cable – $4
• Gimbal vibration absorbing board – $1
• Camera and gimbal – $699
• Roll-axis and yaw-axis ESC board – $16
• Pitch/roll/yaw motor – $13

Mavic Air 2

• Remote controller or gimbal – $65
• Battery – free
• Remote control core board module – $52
• Gimbal coaxial cable – $15
• Gimbal camera module – $77
• Lens barrel without the lens – $2
• Gimbal axis arm module – $35
• IMU module – $9
• Fan – $11
• Aircraft core board module – $199

Inspire 2

• Remote control or gimbal – $65
• Battery – free
• Remote controller lower shell module – $22
• Remote control upper shell module – $52
• Remote control mobile device holder – $59
• Battery interface board module with battery compartment – $101
• Screw mandrel module – $40
• Left/right external arm viscose module – $48
• Fan module and downward vision board and lower shell – $162
• Main controller module – $789
• Infrared sensing system and upper shell and button module – $55
• Middle frame servo – $93
• Upper shell module – $24
• Sensor module and lower shell – $49
• Gimbal vibration absorbing board and cable – $59
• Middle frame module – $179
• Camera and gimbal co-axial cable – $39
• Forward vision module – $58
• FPV camera and gimbal module – $85
• Sweepback left/right arm module – $88
• ESC board module – $30
• Gimbal vibration absorbing board module – $34

Keep in mind these prices do not include shipping your DJI drone to the Repair Service Center. DJI will cover shipping fees if you’re in their logistics service range. They may also pay if it turns out it was their error that led to your broken drone, not your own. Your warranty should cover shipping fees as well.

Should your warranty have expired, you were the one to break the drone, or you’re outside of the logistics service range, you have to pay for shipping. How much shipping would cost depends on which shipping service you use, how far the item is shipped, and the size of the item you’re shipping.

How Long Does DJI Drone Repair Take?

If you decide to go through the DJI Repair Service Center for your drone repairs, how long should you expect the entire process to take? According to DJI themselves, once the UAV arrives, the team can fix your drone in five to seven business days.

As your DJI drone moves through the various steps of the repair process, you’ll receive emails letting you know where your drone is.


If your DJI drone broke, we highly recommend you consider the DJI Repair Service Center. As a service provided through DJI themselves, you can ensure that only DJI parts are used to replace your damaged drone. Plus, the repair prices are pretty competitive with what you’d get when going through a third-party service.

At this point if you have had to go through this process you may be having second thoughts about flying your drone. If so here are some suggestions to get you over your fear of flying your drone.

Although you hope the worst won’t happen and that your drone won’t break, having a viable means of DJI drone repair should give you greater peace of mind.

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