Is DJI Care Refresh Worth the Money?

By Hal Simmons •  Updated: 02/25/21 •  5 min read

If a customary, run-of-the mill warranty is not good enough for you, then consider the DJI Care Refresh Protection Plan. This plan is an optional, after-sales, extensive service that provides you peace of mind even before you unbox your new device.  New drones always come with a standard product warranty.  This plan covers you for 12 months, with the option to extend for another 12 months, if desired.

Before taking flight with your new DJI drone you should know all the details about DJI Care Refresh Protection Plan for your drone.  Learn below how you can protect this pricey investment and determine if this plan is right for you.

Coverage for Accidents

Water damage
Drop damage
Signal interference that cause a crash
Pilot error

Despite this broad list of mishaps, there are some conditions Care Refresh does not cover.

Exclusions to DJI Care Refresh Coverage
Lost drone
Stolen or abandoned aircraft
Remote controller
Surface damage that do not affect flying capabilities
Attempted repair from a non-official DJI service center
Damage caused due to flying in unsuitable conditions (i.e. thunderstorm, below freezing weather)

Parts Replacement Policy

The DJI Care Refresh enables customers to receive two replacement parts that are new or like new, with the same performance guaranteed as the original purchase. There will be a small replacement fee with your first replacement, and an increased fee for the second replacement. Depending on your drone model, the initial replacement fee starts from $40-$209, and $69-$309 for the second replacement.

DJI Models Available with the Care Refresh Plan

Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom
Mavic Air 2
DJI Mini 2
Mavic Mini
Mavic Air
Mavic Pro
Mavic Pro Platinum
Osmo Action
DJI Pocket 2
Phantom 4 Pro
Phantom 4 Advanced
Inspire 2

The Care Refresh protection plan is available internationally, but it is available only in the same country or region where the device was purchased. If you travel with your drone and cause damage to it, only make a claim upon your return to the country where it was bought.

Here is a list of countries/regions to purchase DJI Care Refresh.

Countries Where DJI Care Refresh is Available

United States
United Kingdom
European Union of Countries
Hong Kong
South Korea

How to Purchase

This plan is available for new drones, is non-transferable, and cannot be applied to existing ownership. One exception to the new drone rule is to purchase the plan within 72 hours of having your drone repaired at an official DJI service center. For this, you have to be emailed an invitation in order to purchase. A second exception is submitting video verification on the DJI Care Refresh site. Once you pass verification, you will receive a purchasing notice which must be submitted within 72 hours of receipt.

How to Activate

If you added the Care Refresh Protection Plan upon purchasing your new drone, then there is no need to register your product again. It has been fully activated. If you purchased Care Refresh separately from your device, you will need to log in to the DJI activation page and input the product serial number and activation code. If you are having problems locating your activation code, customer service support is but an email or phone call away.

Claims Process

Step One: Log on to the DJI site and make a claim online.
Step Two: Take your product to an official DJI service center, or return the drone or part by mail at no cost. A shipping label will be provided.
Step Three: Pay the replacement fee.
Step Four: DJI will send you a replacement, refurbished or new. The replaced part is guaranteed to have the same performance as the original part.

In order to claim from your Care Refresh plan, you must physically still have the drone and must return the drone or broken part to DJI before getting any type of replacement. No return, no claim.

Additional Perks

Free Shipping

You will have to pay a small fee for your first replacement part, but rest assured, the cost of shipping is free. Do not ship controllers or SD cards or anything else they did not specifically ask for. You don’t have to ship them everything that came in the box. Also, make sure you ship your drone or the damaged part in the same region you purchased your device.

VIP Phone Service

Upon receiving your Care Refresh Plan, you will also be provided with a number to call that will give you instant access to VIP Phone Service. A product expert will be on the other line and answer any product or technical questions you may have.

Is the DJI Care Refresh Protection Plan Worth It?

For any DJI drone owner, purchasing the Care Refresh Protection Plan is certainly worthy of consideration, at the very least. Whether you fly your drone for leisure or for work, damage-causing incidents are bound to happen. An unplanned water landing may occur if the area you fly in has a good number of waterways and outlets. A signal interference, a sudden thunderstorm, or even a bird in flight may also translate into significant damage.

If you have DJI Care Refresh, all you need to do is pick up your drone, take it back home, report the damage, ship it, and a replacement part will soon be on its way. This eliminates the need for unwelcome trips to the repair center and a huge bill.

Experienced drone flyer or not, purchasing the DJI Care Refresh Protection Plan may be one of the most sound and practical decisions you make.

Hal Simmons

When I first started flying drones I was always afraid of damaging my drone. I would always be thinking what if. I questioned myself often and as a result it made me question various aspects of flying drones. In the process I learned a lot. This is why I feel I have a lot of information that will be helpful to beginners and intermediate drone enthusiasts. Of course I still have a lot to learn so join me on this journey and I am sure you will enjoy the adventure ahead of us.